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What are the applications of thermodynamics?

There are different types of applications of thermodynamics in our daily life which we are discussing in the following.

  • ┬áIn an average house, we need a gas stove for cooking purposes, Air-Conditioning (AC), a Cooler, a refrigerator, a pressure cooker, a thermos flask, a fan, and an Iron. The development of these items needs some ideas of thermodynamics. After that, they work properly and people can use them in a highly efficient way.
  • In the development and innovation of the engineering sector, thermodynamics also plays an important role in the development and success of various machines, day-to-day types of equipment, devices, and many more, this is because without doing study and analysis of thermodynamics nothing can be developed.
  • Some of the equipment or machine are automobile engines, turbine, compression, jet engines, refrigerator, gas turbines engine, steam generator, etc, needs proper study and analysis of thermodynamics which help in designing these machine or equipment so that to make them effective and work properly in any condition.
  • Nowadays, thermodynamics is also playing an important role in renewable energy development and the use of these energies in various sectors such as the domestic sector, and also in commercial sectors.
  • Thermodynamics also gives the concept of heat transfer so that we use it to make various devices for our needs. Such as a fan, compressor, heater, fins for heat transfer from various machines, cooler, etc.
  • Thermodynamics developed various types of gas power cycles which are used in various engines and devices. Some of the important cycles are the Carnot cycle, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Dual cycle, etc.