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Importance of thermodynamics in daily life

Thermal power plant power plant   The following are the importance of thermodynamics in daily life.
  • Thermodynamics developed different types of gas power cycles that are used in various engines and devices. Some of the important cycles are the Carnot, Otto, Diesel, Dual, etc.
  • Thermodynamics plays an essential role in thermal power plant, all system of the thermal power plant depends on thermodynamics. Such as Steam condensers, steam engines, steam nozzles, etc.
  • In simple words condenser, the condenser is a device used in a power plant to maintain a very low pressure, and also with the help of a condenser, it reduces steam consumption and also reduces or saves the expanse of fresh water to be supplied to the boiler(the boiler is a closed vessel used for water converted into steam).
  • Thermodynamics plays important role in Internal combustion engines, the internal combustion engine is a type of machine that is used to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. First, the fuel is burnt and releases chemical energy in the form of heat and after that, it is converted into mechanical energy. 
  • There are various laws of thermodynamics which is used in our daily life. We know that an electric light bulb converts its electric energy into light energy and thermodynamics laws also follow in the human body in which chemical energy stored in the human body is transformed into kinetic energy, that’s why we can walk, run, and also swim. These all follow the laws of thermodynamics.
  • The melting of an ice cube follows the thermodynamic process. if we observe the melting of ice, then we know that ice absorbs heat due to which it becomes liquid all this happens due to the thermodynamic laws. 
  • Sweating is an essential need for the human body, it regulates body temperature, during exercise, muscles become more heat, and it needs sweat to cool or remove the excess heat of our body. This also follows the laws of thermodynamics.

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