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How mechanical engineering help society

Automobile Sector

  • Earlier stage, people spend lots of time traveling from one place to another place and get tied, and not able to effort too much in the office and workplace. But nowadays Automobiles make life easier and save lots of time and also improve the lifestyle. 
  • The automobile Sector developed vehicles such as bikes, cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, and vehicles used in the agriculture sector. 
  • It also improved the transport system and easily connect with the global market. It also provides quick export and import facilities that are beneficial for the economic growth of the country.

Agriculture Sector


  • Engineers provide various tools and equipment to enhance the production of the agriculture sector or to increase the growth of the agriculture sector.
  • It provides modern technology and advanced farming techniques That help farmers to proper and efficient use of the agricultural land. Engineers Build or developed dams, water reservoirs, and warehouses for the use of farmers.
  • Engineers introduced various farming machinery so that workers work efficiently and increase the productivity of agriculture.
  • It develops various tools such as Hand Sickle, Axe, Hoe, Pickaxe, Shovel & Spade for a worker in the agricultural sector.
  • Engineers create various modern Farm machines such as plows, Combine harvesters, rotavators, etc so that with the help of these machines farmers can easily increase their productivity.

HVAC( Heating ventilation & air conditioning)

HVAC systems maintain the overall temperature in the building. They also make automatic adjustments to comfort temperature whenever changes in outdoor temperature. 

There are various applications of heating, ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) in Industries. It is generally used for controlling the temperature, ventilation in the building and some specific area such as in the Metro station, Malls, and various air-conditional vehicles, and also in various industries   

various industries required air conditioning systems such as the Photographic industry, textile industry, Food Industries, Milk processing industries, and many more industries.

HVAC plays an important role in Various precision workplaces such as laboratories, quality control rooms, and hospitals or in ICUs, and also essential in the research center.

  • Refrigeration 

In the modern decade, refrigeration has become an important part of a household, because it is used for preserving food. The main purpose of a refrigerator or freezer is to provide low-temperature storage space, preserve the food and vegetables and get rigid of decay and maintain the quality of foods. 

  • Photographic industry

Air Conditioning plays an important role in the photographic industry. It needs exact control of temperature and humidity for production and preservation. It also maintains the quality of photographic materials.

  • Textile Industry

The air conditioning system plays a significant role in the textile industry for the production of the best quality textile products. Because the manufacturing process in the textile industry requires maintaining specific temperature and relative humidity.

  • Medical industry

Heating Ventilation & Air-conditioning system is also essential for pharmaceutical companies in the process of making medicine as well as Storage of medicine.

  • Milk Processing 

we all know the importance of milk and milk products, it is necessary for the growth of our body. It requires an appropriate low temperature to maintain its best quality but if we do not provide enough low temperature. It becomes spoils.

  • Other Sectors

  • It is also used in hotels, restaurants, operation theaters, offices, libraries, theatres, and various important sectors.
  • Mechanical engineers develop various types of machines such as Turbine, hydroelectric powerplant, different types of pumps, hydraulic lifts and hydraulic cranes, etc. 

Mechanical engineering sectors always try to develop machines and different types of items for the development of our society. It also makes work easy and fast for the people in society.

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